Q: What are Nutraceuticals?

A: Nutraceuticals are the alternative crop for wellness and prevention. According to Dr. Stephen DeFelice (Founder of Innovation in Medicine): “Food, or parts of food, that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.”

Q: Why do I prefer to take Nutraceuticals?

A: In this Era, it is impossible to take complete nutrition through dietary products as they are highly contaminated, so we need some other source to fulfill our body’s requirement, and nutraceuticals are the best option.

Q: How soon can I expect results after taking Nutraceuticals?

A: How quickly you begin to observe results with all natural nutritional products depend on which one you are taking. Certain products will begin to exert health effects within days, others take weeks or months. It is important as well to remember that you are taking a nutraceutical, not a drug. Nutraceuticals are found in nature and are not as strong or as potent as drugs, so the effects are generally seen more gradually but without any side effects

Q: Can I overdose on Nutraceuticals?

A: As with any form of medication, vitamin or nutraceutical, it is important to follow the recommended dosage. If you have concerns or wish to change the dosage, contact your physician or health care practitioner.

Q: What benefits can I gain from taking Nutraceuticals?

A: Nutraceuticals are to be taken as alternative or adjunctive therapies. The benefits that are attained through taking nutraceuticals are varied, but mostly are directed to the prevention of disease, improved health and wellbeing, delay in the aging process, and increased life expectancy.

Q: What are the benefits of Nutraceuticals over allopathic vitamins and dietary supplements?

Allopathic medications are synthetic molecules and play their role on RISK versus BENEFIT factor unlike nutraceuticals. Nutraceutical products are from the natural source and in optimum concentrations that are required by the body.

Q: Who can use these products?

A: Any one can use these products. They are equally safe, effective and efficacious in both men and women of all ages. If required, and on physician suggestion, these products can be used for children. Prior to be used by child, physician recommendation is required.

Q: Are these products safe to use?

A: Yes, these products are 100% safe, effective and efficacious as they are from the natural source.

Q: Can I take Nutraceuticals with other medications?

A: Yes, nutraceuticals can be used with other medications, as they do not produce any side effects or adverse effects.

Q: How long can I take Nutraceuticals?

A: Nutraceuticals can be taken as long as you need to use them as they possess no adverse effects and they are used to replenish and revitalize the body.

Q: Who manufactures these remedies?

A: Our products are manufactured by leading nutraceutical companies of United State of America and China. They are FDA (federal drug authority) approved.

Q: Why do I buy MPC brand’s products?

A:    MPC Health only uses high quality raw materials that are FDA Approved.

  • MPC Health only markets product with proven health benefits.
  • MPC Health only markets products that are of the concentration and purity as stated on the label. The concentration of active ingredients sold by many companies, according to some reports, are different than the reported concentrations. You can see certification at our web site which provides a detailed review on the stability, composition of each of its products. The reviews are made by experts in the field and are not based on the opinions of MPC Health.
  • MPC Health offers very economical brands as compare to other available brands in Market.

Q: From where can I collect your products?

A: Our products are available at all reputed medical, homeopathic and super stores.

Q: Where should I contact in case of any query regarding the product?

A: Our email: info@mpchealth.com

Corporate Office: 021-34140924-26,0313-4140924, 0341-3353009