About Us


MPC HEALTH was established in the year 2005 with a mission to "Ensuring Wellness Before Illness." It was founded by a visionary team with a deep commitment to serving humanity by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. The company started its operations through collaborations with leading companies in the United States of America and China, leveraging their expertise and resources to make a positive impact in the nutraceutical industry.


The purpose of MPC HEALTH is to improve the quality of life for people, customers, and society as a whole. The brand achieves this by delivering international-quality products at competitive prices, aiming to build long-lasting relationships with customers. By constantly exceeding customer expectations and providing effective products, MPC HEALTH strives to enhance the well-being of individuals and contribute to a healthier society.


MPC HEALTH aims to address the health and wellness challenges faced by individuals today. With a focus on nutraceuticals, the brand recognizes the importance of preventive healthcare and the role of nutrition in promoting overall well-being. By offering a range of products including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, and specialty ingredients, MPC HEALTH seeks to provide effective and accessible solutions that support optimal health for customers.


At MPC HEALTH, product quality is of paramount importance. We prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure that our customers receive only the best. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing and safety is reflected in the certifications we hold. We are proud to have obtained FDA registration, which attests to our compliance with the strict standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This certification demonstrates our dedication to maintaining high-quality practices of our Nutraceutical products.